Right at the destination of the Zipline, we have set up an artificial climbing wall for you. The climbing wall is suitable for children from 5 years old and “serious” climbers, so everyone can find something for themselves.

And the climbing equipment?

All you need is comfortable sportswear and shoes, good mood, and you’re ready. We provide all the necessary equipment for safe climbing, and our professional staff will be at your service all the time and take care of your safety. The wall is 8 meters high and has a total surface area of 54 m² with three separate climbing lines.

I prefer free climbing…

If you prefer free climbing without a harness and rope, we have prepared a 67 m² wall for you. Under the wall, we have placed a 50 cm thick mat to protect you from injuries in case of a fall. There are around 20 different difficulty routes available, suitable for everyone.

  • When you arrive at the zip line, you can park your car in the parking lot at the base of the zip line building.
  • Inside the building, there is a reception where you can buy a climbing ticket and get all the necessary information related to the activities
  • You can choose between the free climbing technique, also known as “Bouldering,” and climbing with the “Lead” .
  • After you have chosen your climbing technique, put on special climbing shoes, a helmet, and a special harness in which you will “sit” during climbing
  • The free climbing instructor will give you instructions on how to climb and will be with you the whole time.
  • There are two climbing lines. Relax, take a deep breath, and start…

Did you know…

  • The technique of climbing without a rope and harness is called “bouldering” and it always includes a safety mat that is placed under the climbing wall.
  • The technique of climbing with a harness and rope is called “lead” and is considered the safest climbing technique. The climber is secured with a rope and harness during the climb and cannot fall from the wall.
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