Sports and Recreation Center “Bijeli vrh”

Address: Senjska 48, Vrhovine
Identification number (OIB): 62457628044
Founder: Municipality of Vrhovine

How the idea was born.

In search of ways to improve the living conditions of its residents, the Municipality of Vrhovine, in collaboration with the association “Rudopolje Moje,” initiated the “SRC Bijeli Vrh” project.

About our project…

The construction and design of the Beware of the Bear Zipline was a real challenge. The total length of the steel cable is 1700 meters, making it one of the longest zip lines in one piece in Europe.

 It is possible to reach speeds of over 120 km/h, but for that, you need a tailwind (from the north). Even if there is a headwind (from the south), speeds of around 100 km/h are achieved. In case of strong wind or rain, we are forced to suspend descents, so always check the weather forecast before booking a flight or contact us directly.

 The arrival platform is built of over 150 m3 of reinforced concrete and 100 m3 of timber. It is not just a landing site for the zipline; it is now also a beautiful viewpoint with a view of three valleys in the surrounding area. You can now have a drink and enjoy the beautiful view after your flight.

Rudopolje Moje

Our desire is to provide young people with the opportunity to stay in Lika and to attract visitors through such activities to have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Lika.


Since we are also nature and adventure enthusiasts, we decided to go for a project that values natural beauty.

Where is SRC Bijeli Vrh?

SRC Bijeli Vrh is located on the western border of Plitvice Lakes National Park, 20 km from the A1 highway and covers an area of about 100 hectares of sports and recreational zones. The proximity to Plitvice Lakes National Park, Northern Velebit National Park, and the Gacka River makes this region unique and interesting to many nature enthusiasts.

Dreams finally come true!

With the opening of the first Beware of the Bear Zipline, we can say that the project has come to life, and our dreams are finally coming true.

That’s not all!

In addition to the zipline, we have already implemented several smaller projects: we have created and marked bicycle maps, built a climbing wall, organized and registered paragliding and hang-gliding take off and landing areas, and created all the necessary project documentation.

Coming soon…

The completion of the SRC Bijeli Vrh project is planned in several phases and, upon completion, will include: three hostels, a ski resort with 5 km of slopes that will serve as downhill bike trails and the starting point for a 2950 m long zip line, and a 1250 m long air bike.

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